The smelter takes the de-sulphurised paste and metallics produced by the battery breaker and converts them into lead bullion via means of two rotary furnaces. These are heated by oxygen enriched, natural gas burners, designed to reduce emissions from the combustion process. A chemical flux is added to aid the conversion reaction and help remove impurities from the resultant bullion.  Envirowales monitors the process to ensure that peak efficiency is maintained.

The smelter department also receive dross produced by the refining process, which contain valuable metals such as Tin, Copper and Antimony. These are recovered by smelting the drosses, producing lead alloys with high percentages of these metals.

Lead bullion tapped from the furnace and the flux, which now resides as a slag, is also removed and is transferred to the refinery in molten form.  Lead bullion/alloys can be cast into blocks at this stage if required.