Welcome to Envirowales

Envirowales Limited is an industry-leading, lead acid battery recycling plant located in Ebbw Vale, South Wales. Our aim is to recycle as many of the constituent parts of the battery as possible. Currently we are achieving a recycling efficiency of over 95% and are continuing to work to increase this figure.

Lead enjoys one of the highest recycling rates in the world, with an estimated 50% annual worldwide consumption being satisfied by recycled material. It will continue to play its part for the environment, with the use of lead in electric vehicles becoming more prominent. In fact, 80% of the lead produced worldwide is used for batteries, 6% for building products and the rest used for smaller applications such as shielding, ballast etc.

Recycling of lead requires only around one third of the energy needed to produce lead from its ores, resulting in major energy savings and fewer carbon emissions.

Besides lead alloys, which are sold throughout Europe mainly in the manufacture of building products, the plant produces two other products; sodium sulphate, used in washing powder and animal feeds and secondly, polypropylene which is further recycled to produce a variety of products.