Environmental Controls

EnviroWales Ltd takes its environmental responsibility very seriously and we regularly review , our policy and processes to ensure
that we minimise our impact on our surroundings. As a result, the company has used best available techniques (BAT) for our
environmental controls to comply with regulations and best practice, both industry wide and site specific.


Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMs)

The stack/chimney serving the furnaces have been fitted with equipment that allows continuous monitoring of particulate (dust)
and gas levels in the emissions to air. This allows the plant to modify its process should any issues arise. Other stacks on-site,
used for extraction purposes are continually monitored for particulates. All stacks are subject to independant monitoring for an
extensive range of emission parameters. The data from these monitors are reported back to Natural Resources Wales to ensure
compliance with our permit.


Air Quality Standards

In addition to monitoring emissions from our stacks we also check ambient levels of lead and particulates. We have two fixed
ambient monitors on the site boundary whose data is regularly checked and the results provided to the Natural Resources Wales.

Preventative measures

EnviroWales is a purpose built recycling facility which has many designed-in features to minimise its impact on the environment.
These include;

Bag Houses

All stacks that are used for extraction purposes are fitted with in-line baghouses. These baghouses filter particulates, minimising
the impact on the environment. The filtered particulates are then reprocessed in the smelter, maximising the recycling efficiency
of the plant.


Our cyclone systems operate using the same principle as modern day bagless vacuum cleaners. Air enters a cylindrical vessel at a
specific angle which causes it to spiral round the vessel. This creates centrifugal forces that cause the larger dust particles to spin
out of the air stream and fall to the bottom of the vessel. This design is used to extract dust from our smelter extraction system
and collected dusts are recycled again through the furnaces.

Acid resistant Battery storage area

All of the lead acid batteries delivered to EnviroWales are stored in an acid resistant reservoir. This ensures that all battery acid
is contained and recycled in the process.

Effluent Treatment

Contaminated water/effluent from the within the process is transferred to the effluent treatment plant. Solids are screened out
via a three stage filtration system. The effluent then undergoes a neutralisation process and treated with sodium hydroxide and a
flocculent to aid the removal of any suspended solids. These generated solids are screened and pressed into dry filter cake.
The filter cake is re-fed into the smelters, again increasing the overall environmental efficiency of the plant.

Rainwater is collected from all over the site and stored. This is then used, along with some treated effluent water as process
water supply, so reducing the water demand of the plant.